APPS (Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium) is the congress for the pharmacy students from all over Asia pacific region which is held every single year. APS-Japan held 12th APPS in 2013 in Tokyo. We had more than 400 pharmacy students from Asia pacific region to do many kinds of  activities together such as Symposium, Workshops ,Campaign, Field trip, and Night events.

Self medication ~be your healthcare partner~540114_329480253854551_1580735483_n

・Purpose and Issues of Self-Medication in Aging Society
・Scientist as a Pharmacist, Pharmacist as a Scientist
・A world’s first research in neuropathic pain and neuralgia
・Role of Pharmacists in Public Health


・Counterfeit Medicine
・Community Pharmacy
・Pre CSE
・Health Economics
・Drug Poisoning
・Invitation to Drug Discovery
・Complementary Medicines
・Home Medical Care
・Team Approach to Healthcare
・Global Health
・Generic Medicine
・OTC Medications
・Green Tea
・Optimal use of Food
・Chinese Medicine
・Med usage in Disasters


・Self-care and Self-medications Awareness Parade
・Self-care and Self-medication Awareness Group Photo Contest

field trip

・Daiichi Sankyo Kusuri Museum
・Tokyo University of Science
・FANCL Biken Corporation  Chiba Factory
・Life Safety Learning Center


・Welcome Party
・International Night
・Japanese Night
・Auction Night
・Gala Night

JNTO Best International Convention Awards 2014

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