Student Exchange Committee of APS-Japan coordinates the Student Exchange Programme (SEP) of IPSF in Japan. SEP is an international exchange program where students can learn about pharmacy and cultures in foreign countries.

Month : August, February 
Length : About 3 weeks. (You can’t choose your length)
Cities : Kanto(Tokyo), Tokai(Nagoya), Kansai(Kyoto, Osaka), Kyushu(Fukuoka) prefecture.
Language : English is required, and the student who can understand Japanese is better.
Facility : Community Pharmacy, Hospital, Drug Store, Lab at Uni. and more.
Events : Organized in each area. Japan is a good place for sightseeing.
If you have decided where you want to go, please let us know.
Accommodation : Homestay or guesthouse.

Example (in 2015)

Kanto prefecture(Tokyo)
8/9 Welcome Party
8/10 Workshop(Japanese traditional game)
8/11 Traditional medicine museum
8/12 Sightseeing(Kamakura)
8/14 Hospital
8/15 Workshop(Medical care in the world)
8/16 Sightseeing(Asakusa, Odaiba, Ueno)
8/17 Hospital
8/19 Farewell party


Tokai prefecture(Nagoya)
8/22 Traditional Medicine Pharmacy
8/25 Wholesale
8/28 Workshop(Medical care)
8/29 Japanese Traditional festival, Farewell party

Kyushu prefecture(Fukuoka)
8/4 Welcome Party
8/5 Sightseeing(Fukuoka)
8/6 Hospital
8/7 Hospital
8/10 Drug store
8/11 Community Pharmacy, Wholesale
8/12 Sightseeing


Kansai prefecture(Kyoto, Osaka)
8/14 Hospital
8/18 Workshop(Life plan)
8/21 Sightseeing(Nara)
8/22 Farewell Party


Kanto prefecture(Tokyo)
2/1 Welcome Party
2/2 Sightseeing(Yokohama)
2/4 Workshop(Traditional medicine)
2/5 Hospital
2/6 Japanese Red Cross Society
2/8 Workshop(Medical care in the world)
2/9 Sightseeing(Tokyo)
2/12 Laboratory, Community Pharmacy
2/13 Workshop
2/14 Farewell party

Kansai prefecture(Kyoto, Osaka)
2/7 Welcome Party
2/9 Sightseeing(Kyoto)
2/12 Community Pharmacy
2/16 Hospital
2/20 Laboratory
2/21 Workshop
2/22 Workshop
2/24 Hospital
2/26 Sightseeing(Osaka)
2/28 Farewell party