Association Name
The Association of Pharmaceutical Students’ – Japan (APS-Japan)

IPSF Member Status
Full Membership

Association Description
APS-Japan was founded in 1998 and is now the largest pharmacy students’ organization, representing over 750 members from approximately 70 universities in Japan.
In 2007, APS-Japan became an IPSF Full member, and in 2011, we changed its name to ”The Association of Pharmaceutical Students’-Japan” from the former name, “the Gathering of Pharmaceutical Students”.
Our Mission is to “provide new values” and to “create bases” for pharmacy students. We give out various opportunities to pharmacy students that can improve their professional development through improving the awareness and ability of practical medicine.
APS-Japan consists of 7 departments, 4 committees. 7 departments – Treasurer, Fundraising, External Relations, Internal, Media Relations, International Relations, CX Planning and Promotions, are supporting the management system of the association. 4 committees – Student Exchange, Public Health, Regional Relations, and Academic and Pharmacy Education are planning and managing fun activities based on their specific themes.

Student Exchange Committee gives members of the association chances to use English, meet students abroad, and broaden their outlook. On the other hand, the other committees are focus on Japanese pharmacy studies and society. Public Health Committee holds many campaigns for local residents which are based on daily studies, like Vampire campaign, tobacco cessation campaign, and Healthy living campaign related to diabetes. Academic and Pharmacy Education Committee has seminars which are called Study Session Project and also provides hospital visit program. They also attend conferences and present their research every year. We interact with other medical students through these activities. Regional Relations Committee plays an important role to make students in low-population areas active.

Number of Pharmacy Students Your Association Represents
 About 750 students

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